The company was founded by Helmut Berchtold and Manfred Engst (no longer with the company) in 2001. Since its start the company built strong relationships with partners in all major markets in the US and around the world.

Through these connections, the company is in a unique position of significant strength and competencies in the US and global Transport and Logistics market. With its extensive service offering and presence, adi Consult has developed into the only globally operating consulting and placement company specializing in the Transport and Logistics Industry. Driven by the market demand for its excellent services the group has grown significantly since its beginning. It is the group's goal to be represented in all global key markets and to be the most reliable and potent partner to the ever more consolidating and globalizing Transport and Logistics Industry. To achieve this, adi Consult will continue to attract and hand pick highly competent, Senior Industry Experts. The group will expand and adjust its offerings according to the market demands.